Elegantly Simple Yet Powerful Habits to Transform Conversations, Accelerate Performance, Build Trust, and Increase Connection & Belonging

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The Power of Conversations to Create or Destroy

Conversations are a reflection of the true culture of your organization. They build or break relationships. They accelerate or stall collaboration and trust. Without effective conversations you will miss opportunities, waste time and money, and increase stress.

One of my clients, an HR executive, realized exactly this while preparing to announce a shift to a hybrid work environment. Many employees hired during the pandemic had never met face-to-face and had never experienced the energy and culture of their physical offices. She knew many employees new and old might be resistant to the new expectations.

Making people feel heard and understood, communicating the “why” behind the decision, and helping equip managers to navigate their team’s concerns was imperative. Getting this wrong in this talent environment would be a costly mistake. Having a shared language and the strategies taught in Every Conversation Matters made the difference.

The Every Conversation Matters whitepaper teaches you three elegantly simple yet powerful habits that will transform conversations, accelerate performance, build trust and increase belonging.